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  1. Utilities Cost In Milwaukee
  2. Why I'm Loving Milwaukee Water For Waukesha
  3. Top Tier Gas Worth The Price
  4. Why I Had To Ditch Republic Wireless
  5. Google My Business Plus Pages Removed
  6. Your Church May Need a Vision Navigator
  7. What Happened to Heptyl Aldehyde As A Cure For Cancer?
  8. Disappointment in my UW-Milwaukee English Newsletter
  9. How A Janitor’s Job Reflects Your Values
  10. Which New Vehicles Still Have Takata Airbags?
  11. Mission Impossible Mortgage -- First Federal to the Rescue
  12. Jacksonville, Florida - Reviews
  13. Why Is My MKZ On The Road?
  14. When Your Mass Marketing Moment Is An Airball
  15. Why I Gave In And Finally Paid Off My Student Loan
  16. Paying Tuition With A Credit Card - A Parent's Perspective
  17. Discover is Really the Best Credit Card
  18. Teaching, Ministering, Landlording, and Getting KILLED With Taxes
  19. Should We Use Google At Our Church?
  20. Bringin Swatch Watch Back; Yeah!
  21. Soccer For Kids in Jacksonville, FL
  22. The LCEF Young Investors Club Seems Right For Us - With Some Frustrations
  23. Looking to Move to Jacksonville? Learn From Comments
  24. Valentine's Day: Dealing With Unrequited Love in Fourth Grade
  25. Disenchanted is the Perfect Title for any “New” Musical
  26. The Not-So-Simple Navigation of Wanting to Make Money Selling Photos
  27. Hollywood Romantic Comedies Don't Get Marriage
  28. Forgot Valentine's Day? Make a Movie
  29. The Wall With Mexico
  30. City Slogans: Milwaukee and More
  31. $15 Propane Exchange
  32. What Every LCMS Church in Florida Needs
  33. Going For A Constitutional; Morning, Evening, Or Otherwise
  34. Lutheran Show Choir: Not As Common As You Might Think
  35. Sterling and Wheaton - “Legitimate” Van Lines That Still Disappoint
  36. Dealing With Race And The N-Word In My House
  37. When Your Kid Wants to Code
  38. The 2017 Tax Bill and Clergy Housing
  39. Click Bait Debate
  40. Make an Acting Demo Reel in Jacksonville, Florida
  41. Kinds of Niche Dating Sites
  42. Bark: The Freelance Website I Didn't Sign Up For
  43. What to Expect When You're No Longer Expecting: A Man's Guide to a Vasectomy
  44. Finding Out Who Built Your Newer House Might Not Be That Easy
  45. Grace Lutheran School Jacksonville Soccer 2017
  46. Finally, My Bertone X 1/9 Gets Noticed
  47. Addicted to Research - Is That Weird?
  48. Review of Uhaul, Budget, and Penske Rentals - When Something Goes Wrong
  49. Rain in Truck
  50. Largest LCMS Churches, Kinda
  51. And Then One Day You're a Songwriter
  52. The Worst Drivers in America
  53. New Jax Witty - Why Not?
  54. Neighborly or Nightmarish: Social Media n the Hood
  55. Trampolines: How to Tell Your Kids No
  56. Letter to Jacksonville City Council Regarding McCormick and Kernan
  57. Open Letter to Those Looking to Develop Kernan and McCormick in JAX
  58. Getting a Vasectomy Should Not Be This HARD
  59. Old Shawnee Days Parade
  60. Need to Sell Your House Fast? Here's What We Learned
  61. Moving and Getting a Mortgage Can't Be THIS Difficult: Closing Before You Start Work
  62. Our Family DNA Based on BOTH Sets of Grandparents
  63. 5x110 to 5x114.3 Conversion to Save Money on my Saab
  64. Gathering of the Talents at Concordia Seward
  65. Dance if You Love Dancing at The Gathering of the Talents
  66. Should I Watch Bank Account Statements?
  67. Long Distance Moving Rates Understood
  68. ChromebookCovers.com to Cover Chromebooks
  69. What Happens to 1tb Drive After Leaving Google Fiber?
  70. When You’re Glad The Pastor Dressed Down
  71. Completionist Not Perfectionist
  72. List of American Cities With The Worst Drinking Water
  73. Amy Raml to Launch Insights to Life
  74. 2016-2017 Hope Lutheran Shawnee Girls Grade 4-6 Basketball
  75. Here’s Why My New Washing Machine is NOT a Samsung or LG
  76. Annoyingly Shopping Before the Storm at ALDI
  77. Basketball: Quick First Step and Nowhere to Go
  78. FREE Lutheran Website Assessments Are a Hit
  79. If You Want to Teach in Wisconsin, Then You Need These 12 Questions Answered
  80. A Guide to The Menards Experience
  81. The NOVEL is Not Included - I Wasted My Money
  82. Colleges Wasting Time Trying to Get Money From Me
  83. I Told Her Not to Play
  84. Helena's Veterans Day Message
  85. Listing Some Scams Before I Delete Them
  86. Lutheran Military Support Group Lacks Support
  87. Positivity Portait - Duane Schempp
  88. 2016 Christmas Letter
  89. Shawnee Police - To Serve, Protect, and Entrap?
  90. Chromebooks in New South Wales Need Protection of a Cranium
  91. Make Your Website Great Again
  92. New Idea to Help Someone Else First
  93. Positivity Portait - Ray Ost
  94. Johnson County Library Sirsi Late Items Failure
  95. Can I Sell Kindle Books in Japan?
  96. Confusion in Trying to Get a Deal With Zoo Reciprocity
  97. Positivity Portrait - Charles Morris
  98. Beating the System: Progressive Snapshot
  99. Grandparents’ DNA Equals Math Fun for Kids
  100. Positivity Portait - John Groebe
  101. What is Satire?
  102. So My Novellas Are Bookshots and James Patterson Invented Them
  103. Is AMP Worth All This Time?
  104. Johnson County, KS - Trick or Treat Times for Lenexa, Shawnee, Olathe, Overland Park, Leawood, Mission, KCK
  105. An Example of Connections in the History Classroom
  106. Positivity Portrait - Introduction
  107. Perhaps Evil is in NOT Completing a Task
  108. With High Sales Taxes, Do Johnson County, Kansas, Residents Shop Elsewhere?
  109. Free Stuff, Making Money, and DIY - Winning Articles
  110. When You Move, Be Careful With Bank Accounts
  111. I Can Retire at Age 40 if I Get The Right Help, and Maybe You Can, Too
  112. Remove, Rebuild, or Remodel: What to do With That Old Website
  113. Outcome-based Youth Ministry
  114. Missouri and Kansas Drivers: There is NO Fog!
  115. I Assume This Means The Kansas Experiment Failed
  116. Weight of a Slate Pool Table for Disassembly
  117. Lutheran Radio Church Service is Online
  118. Just Like That, Test Scores Matter
  119. Web Design in Lenexa, Kansas
  120. Aligning NCSS Standards to Common Core or State Standards, Or Not
  121. Lenovo N22 Chromebook Hard Case Protector For Schools
  122. Lutheran School Home Visit Guide
  123. Guide To Getting a Johnson County, Kansas Auto License From Out of State
  124. I Know Someone Wants This House
  125. Lutherans Didn't Know Lutheran Web Design Existed
  126. Spanish Language Services in Milwaukee
  127. Who is Lenexa Rose?
  128. There's a Scam for Just About Every Situation - Renting a House is One
  129. AKA BrianJaeger Satisfamily-PassiveNinja
  130. 1982 Mattel Competition Football
  131. Chromebook iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case Review
  132. MGIS: The Best School Choice in Milwaukee
  133. The LCMS Lutheran Call Process
  134. Medical College of Wisconsin Housing Rental and Buying Guide
  135. Businesses Will Want To Give Me a Hug
  136. Hope Lutheran School in Shawnee, Kansas
  137. Zion Lutheran Church in Corvallis, OR
  138. How Safe is The Kansas City Area?
  139. Where Our Family Will End Up
  140. Bring Back My Bunny To Me
  141. Wyoming State Patrol Targets a Tourist
  142. Conflicting Opinions Mean There’s At Least Reason For Opinions
  143. Google Adsense Says This Site Sucks
  144. With Intuit Going to a Pay Site, PayPal Wins
  145. Homes For Rent Near Medical College of Wisconsin
  146. Mentoring For Brian Jaeger Publishing LLC
  147. The Art of Writing an Article Nobody Else Has Ever Written Before, Including This One
  148. Milwaukee’s Murderous History: Pre-1880
  149. Hire a Health Nut
  150. YourListen Just Made Lutheran Radio Krunky
  151. Percentage Conversion for ACT Writing Rubric
  152. Our Cheap Plan to Finally Get Smart(phones)
  153. Embarrass and Ixonia: The Naming of Two Wisconsin Towns
  154. James is an Author Again
  155. Maybe Being the Poet Laureate Isn't All Glory
  156. Before and After School Child Care Near MRMC
  157. Age at Which Children Can Use a Treadmill
  158. What Happened to Linkedin Labs Resumes?
  159. United States Travel Bucket List
  160. Webb Telescope Will be a Time Machine
  161. 22 Million Digit Prime Number Video
  162. Testing out Lucidchart and Lucidpress
  163. Impending Suburban Baby Boomer Housing Crisis
  164. Author Profiles That Could Help Sell Your Book
  165. Hellkat Shockbaits And The Power of Facebook
  166. Let's Get Some Images on Google
  167. Becoming an Amazon Affiliate NOT as Easy as I'd Imagined
  168. The Milwaukee Brewers - Does The Team Owe Us?
  169. Wisconsin DPI Says I Won't Be Teaching French
  170. Lacking the Energy For Twitter, What Marketing Makes Sense?
  171. Aunt Samantha The Author
  172. Will a Spacesuit Float in Water?
  173. Inventing Something That's Already Been Invented
  174. Roasting Two Hams
  175. Why Are Women Included in Jesus' Genealogy?
  176. 2015 Christmas Letter
  177. John Marshall High School Class of 1994 - Milwaukee, WI
  178. Using Social Media and Searches to (re)Make Connections
  179. Football Camps: The Right Parenting Choice
  180. Teaching ACT Reading Skills Without Teaching to the Test
  181. Great Book on Building a Church Website
  182. Searching For My Book With Unexpected Results
  183. Fixing Top-Down Bottom-Up Blinds
  184. Protecting Ash Trees from Emerald Ash Borers in Milwaukee
  185. Creating a Bible Study Using Andy Stanley's When God Parts 1 and 2
  186. The Price of Memories When Your Hard Drive Fails
  187. Helena Wrote a Letter to the Brewers
  188. Heiser Helps Some Schools
  189. A Yearbook as an Historical Document
  190. Best and Worst Web Hosting
  191. DIY Auto Repairs - Advance Auto Parts Review
  192. Giving Your Time as a Kid, Just Like Liz Uihlein Probably Did
  193. Top Five Lutheran Church Websites
  194. Former Teacher Needs Your Support AKA Can You Help a Fellow American Down on His Luck?
  195. Number of Letter Combinations for a Scantron Matching Test
  196. Snow Tires Six Months of the Year?
  197. This was Pretty Funny
  198. My Stock in ME is as High as Ever
  199. God's Plan = Business Plan for Niche Market
  200. A Good Day to Play Baseball
  201. Yearly AC and Furnace Inspections: Are They Necessary?
  202. Giving Milwaukee Recreation Aquatics One Last Chance
  203. If You Have an Acer Chromebook, Get a Cranium Cover
  204. Discovery World on the Wrong Day
  205. Talking Baseball With a Neighbor
  206. Screenplay Analysis is Useful?
  207. Website Superhero to Help Those in Need
  208. 80% of Local Searches on Mobile Devices
  209. Our Family Service: Clean up Our Neighborhood
  210. 15 Ways to Make More Money as a Teacher
  211. Milwaukee's Top Ten Screenwriters and Playwrights
  212. Taking Your Best Shot in Life is no Sure Thing
  213. Selling Items on Amazon
  214. Rising Health Chiropractic Wellness with James Hauke DC
  215. Setting Goals
  216. Recycling a Bike
  217. Suicide, Bullying, and My Kids' School
  218. Anyone Want to Rent Some Free Bar Stools?
  219. DIY Using a CRV3 Battery as Two AA Batteries
  220. Milwaukee Regional Medical Center and Wisconsin Lutheran College Parking Available
  221. More Fun Than a Rain Barrel Full of Monkeys - Milwaukee
  222. My First Rideshare Response!
  223. Pure Global Shows the Pure Failure of Our Consumer Protections
  224. Review of Hack for Change MKE
  225. I'm Wondering What Skillls ARE Useful
  226. Free Zoo Camps for MPS Students?
  227. Hollywood Connections II
  228. Milwaukee Strong Home Loan Weakens Our Home
  229. Craigslist Score With a Lesson
  230. 10 Ways Your Web Guy is Overcharging
  231. Joining a Chamber of Commerce Near Milwaukee
  232. Dealing with Spoomming
  233. How to Request a Book at Your Public Library
  234. School Policies That Could Kill Your Kid
  235. Numbers Cool Book Now Available in Paperback
  236. Milwaukee Public Schools Dropping the Ball?
  237. Applebee's Not Appreciating Wisconsin Teachers in 2015
  238. Will ACT-Prep Provide My Best Sales?
  239. Product Sold on TeachersPayTeachers
  240. Local Freelancers
  241. Angola, Thanks for Following
  242. How to Save a Dying Church
  243. Entertaining (and selling) Myself on Craigslist
  244. How to Mend a Fender Bender With Friends
  245. Finding Your Stunt Double
  246. Do Heavy Metals in Fertilizers Matter?
  247. The Job LinkedIn Should Have Destroyed
  248. Will the School District of Menomonee Falls Make me an Offer?
  249. How to Retire Early as a Thousandaire
  250. Authors Who Disappoint on Twitter
  251. What I Do Each Day to Start my Business
  252. Auto Repair Shop Scenario
  253. I Guess I'll Make Copies of my Books
  254. If I was a Client Looking for my Service, What Would I Want?
  255. Cockroach Research Provides New Insights
  256. DIY Computer TV the Right Way
  257. Newer is not Always Better in Web Design and Technology
  258. DMV Real ID Perplexity
  259. Smile More With Educabana Fundraising
  260. Anik Singal Wants My Money to Teach me to Take Your Money
  261. Having a Googley Work Day
  262. Educabana Tutoring is Here!
  263. It's Raining Collard Greens
  264. Company Logos and Public Perception
  265. To Cut or to Keep - Savings for Cable or Satellite
  266. Five Steps to Building Effective Websites for Church or School
  267. February Go See It - Testing Transparency
  268. College Alumni Publication Update
  269. Self-Promotion Strategies
  270. Logo a Go Go
  271. Canes, Walkers, and Inability to Stand Linked to Falls
  272. Etiquette of Selling Girl Scout Cookies - A Guide
  273. Popular Vacation Destination is Ready to Explode
  274. Avoiding an Uber Bad Idea
  275. Why Unions Won't Win
  276. Irony - I Want to Get Paid for What (some of) You Do (for free) While Getting Paid
  277. Selling my Life Work
  278. Big Brother Fines Man $15,000 for Littering
  279. The Syndrome I'd Like to Experience
  280. London Surprisingly Known for TB
  281. Unemployment Advice Journal Month 6 - Final Entry
  282. Explanation of CogAT Test Results for Parents
  283. My First Real Book Sale
  284. GIF Practice
  285. Will SCORE be a Hit for my Business?
  286. 44,000 of my Closest Friends
  287. Ridiculous Academia
  288. The Greatest Gift
  289. Killer Marketing Part 1
  290. Asking for Help Starting a Business - Joomlapolis
  291. New Auburn School District Wins Worst Website Award
  292. A and A Tires
  293. 2014 Christmas Letter
  294. How to Collect Email Addresses in Return for Files Using Joomla
  295. Billie the Brownie Story
  296. Public Projects for the Public
  297. The Lord's Prayer
  298. Conflicts of Understanding in Fundraising
  299. Christmas in Milwaukee Kickoff Events
  300. Bucks Lead League in Spelling Errors
  301. DIY Photo / Poster Display Case
  302. DIY Fix the Trunk Lid of a Lincoln MKZ
  303. A Modest Proposal - What's my Baby Worth?
  304. World War II Pocket Guide for the Returnee
  305. Ray Ost WWII Items on Veterans Day
  306. Teacher Investing
  307. Tricks, Not Treats for UNICEF
  308. Rust-Oleum NeverWet
  309. Creating a Community Action Website
  310. Is Virtual Pitch Fest Useful?
  311. Comparison Trap
  312. Numbers Cool Book
  313. I'd Like to Sell my Vote, Please
  314. Male Nurse Brian?
  315. Stay Classy, Menomonee Falls
  316. Letter to my Union
  317. Paying Down Debt... When You're Unemployed?
  318. 8th Grade Ends
  319. Beat up by Meet Up
  320. Unemployment Advice Journal - Month Three Contacts
  321. Soccer in First Grade
  322. Norman James Terry
  323. Writing a Letter to Get a Job
  324. Unemployment Advice Journal - Month 1 Step Away
  325. Battling Bedtime Boogie Men
  326. Unemployment Advice Journal Week 1 - Fear
  327. Unemployment Advice Journal Week 1 - Surviving The Gallows
  328. Unemployment Advice Journal Week 1 - Blame
  329. Unemployment Advice Journal Week 1 - Anger
  330. Unemployment Advice Journal Week 1 - Disbelief
  331. Hansen Brothers Auto Sales
  332. Gordie Boucher Lincoln
  333. Throwing Stuff Away
  334. Milwaukee Needs to Fix Parking for Visitors
  335. Becoming Your Child's Teacher
  336. Ear Piercing - Painful to be Pretty
  337. Comments That Hurt at Church
  338. Ear Piercing - What's the right age?
  339. 2013 Christmas Letter
  340. Ear piercing - an earful of opinions
  341. Trying to Broker a Car Deal
  342. NOT Buying College T-shirts for School
  343. Chicken Bruschetta Bake
  344. Milwaukee Rec Tennis Camp
  345. Ministry Leader Resources
  346. Polydactyly: When History Can't be Certain
  347. Churches as the Best Lending Institutions - Why Not?
  348. Proper Sleep
  349. Can Rice Save My Drenched Cell Phone?
  350. DIY Indor Window Flower Box Ledge
  351. Computers and Banks and Sixty Grand
  352. Milwaukee Summer Academy Review
  353. Hosting a German Intern for MGIS
  354. Spicing Up Mealtime Prayers
  355. Making Memories Through Memorization
  356. Vegetable Garden on The North Side
  357. Building a Massive Music Collection
  358. Speakers for a Bertone X 1/9
  359. Rainy Day Auction Package Idea
  360. The Christmas Tree Learns About Christmas
  361. Miller Lite's New Bottle
  362. Washington Highlands
  363. Social Lubricants, Gropple, and the Celts
  364. Sugar Gliders
  365. The Indiana Jones Series
  366. Photo Albums Anyone?
  367. Don't Watch It in Front of The Kids
  368. God's Favorite Religion
  369. Xbox 360 for Excercise
  370. Writing
  371. LG 60" Plasma 60PV250
  372. Super Snacks (that the kids actually eat)
  373. Loving My Lunch and Helping my Kids do the same
  374. Good to Go: Making Lunch Portable
  375. Fundraising the Right Way
  376. How Many Christmases?
  377. This Section Shouldn't be Empty
  378. 2012 Christmas Letter
  379. Greasecar Conversion
  380. Lost Plantations of the South
  381. Canon 60D
  382. Helena's Show and Tell - Samantha
  383. Helena's Youtube Videos
  384. Looking For An Upbeat Workout?
  385. For the Serious Exerciser - Kathy Smith
  386. Funny, Fun, Funky Fonda
  387. Exercise For Energy
  388. Mosaic Masterpieces
  389. Getting Rid of Fruit Flies
  390. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  391. Learning From My Children's ABC Book
  392. Madeline's Tea Party
  393. Let's Have a Tea Party!
  394. "Free" Business Cards
  395. Fancy Nancy: Tea Parties
  396. Come to Tea
  397. Jane Austen's Sanditon
  398. Throwing a Family-Friendly Party
  399. Betty Crocker Cookbook Bridal Edition
  400. Ice Skating Lessons Prices
  401. Springing for Shrimp Salad with Spring Pea Mix
  402. Healthier Betty Crocker Blueberry Muffins
  403. Dance Class Prices
  404. Our Website
  405. The Tale of Hill Top Farm and The Tale of Holly How
  406. Credit Cards Compromised
  407. The Outlaw Josey Wales
  408. Mickey Mouse Waffle Iron
  409. DIY Binding Two Rugs Together
  410. DIY Sea Shell Photo Frames
  411. Dance Class Prices near Milwaukee
  412. Milwaukee Rec Adult Ballet
  413. Milwaukee Rec Little Fine Artists
  414. Deal Shopping Sites
  415. Ice Skating Lessons Prices near Milwaukee

Our relationships with God

Books and Magazines

This is our website's annotated bibliography. Not full reviews, but more of a quick opinion and usefulness guide.


We write reviews of recipes we've used. If those recipes are family-owned, we will publish the entire how-to, but if we use a resource, we will link to it so that we are not using someone else's content without permission.

Healthy Food

Lisa tries to make healthy options for our family. We decided to use the website to document our attempts at eating healthier. Sometimes it's changing an original recipe and sometimes it's using a healthy recipe. Our kids are about middle of the road when it comes to being picky eaters. Lisa is more open to new tastes. Brian is generally meat and potatoes.


Our reviews are based partially on all the reviews we read while researching a product and partially on our experiences with the product. Brian will often go to the library to read the Consumer Reports on major purchases. Both of us will read Amazon and other online reviews. However, if we get the item and use it, that's the only way we can really give you a good review, so our reviews are either of items we have or have borrowed.

Books and Movies

Lisa reads a lot. Brian watches movies a lot. Together we can let you know if the different texts are worth reading. Keep in mind that while we both have English degrees, we do not strictly read with a certain lens, in that we enjoy texts for the entertainment value, and we are not going to just try to analyze it in a ivory tower sort of way that might be hard to understand for all of us. We'd add music to this category if we weren't forced to listen to kids CDs all the time.

Products for Kids

While we're already a little past the infant phase with our kids, our goal here will be to inform you about some of the decisions we made and make in regards to items we get for the kids. For example, Lisa threw out all of the possible BPA items a couple of years ago, leaving us with two cups, and then we had to buy every BPA-free cup available.

Household Items

Lisa does most of the cleaning because she wants it to get done, so she will know more about household items. She has researched the safest for the surfaces and for the kids.


Brian mostly uses garage tools. Lisa mostly uses kitchen tools. We will let you know which ones are worthwhile having.


Brian looks for good electronic deals that perform almost as well as the more expensive options.


Some services might be online, while others may be local to the Milwaukee area.