You were recruited by Hope Lutheran as a real estate agent who could show us around as we considered a call, knowing full-well that we may or may not end up in your town, at your church, or as your clients. In the end, one of the main reasons we chose to make the trip to the Kansas City area was because you took the time to show us the housing market while also providing us with valuable information and opinions about the area.

But it did not end there. Once we made the decision that Lisa would accept the call, you worked tirelessly to help us find a house in a market that saw most houses selling before we could even make an offer. In the end, we got what we wanted. While no house or transaction is ever perfect, you helped make it go very smoothly, considering the fact that we never even saw the house until after it was purchased. Your help in deciding how to proceed with the contract AND making sure the items listed were done was necessary because we were living 600 miles away, but it was still more than we could really expect.

That’s just the beginning, though. You actually had us stay at your house twice as we inspected and closed on the house, and then you helped us move in. Even someone as cynical about business as I can be must admit that you went way beyond where any realtor and most fellow church members would go in order to help us relocate. You drove us around our new neighborhood, identifying areas you’d helped to build, and we could see that it meant a lot to you that we would like our new place.

When we had a few problems, you helped us after the deal was done, at a point when all other realtors, even ones with whom one might be friends, would have checked out. As you know, first impressions are important, and you gave us the impression that Johnson County, Kansas, was the place we wanted to be. After all, at least some of the people might be half as selfless and welcoming as you had been. In a new place with very few resources, we were made to feel like we had family a few miles away, and that made the transition so much easier for our entire family.

Thank you, John, from our entire family.