I've had credit cards since I was 18 years old. I think I signed up for my first card on my 18th birthday. I was excited to establish credit, and it's worked out well for me. I had some crazy credit cards with credit limits up to $100,000 over the years. Lenders have seen me as a good risk, and I am. I'm good with playing the whole credit game, but when you want more than games, get a Discover Card.

All my other cards were always trying to sign me up for something. Discover seems to offer a lot of the same services for free. Some cards (I've never had one) charge a yearly fee in order to get the big bonuses. Most people just spend more money on the card than it's worth to have those. Discover has been using a simple cash back system forever, and it's fine with me. I can double the rewards when I sign up for specials, like one month might be double cash back on grocery stores.

The service at Discover is also better than other cards and banks. When there's an issue, they tend to understand. I've gotten a couple of fees waived, and they were quick to shut things down when someone made a purchase I didn't authorize. Simply put, I don't feel like Discover is out to gouge me at every turn. I know, any credit card sucks when you pay the minimum and use it as a high-interest loan, but that's their business, and at least it seems as if Discover sticks to that business model. That's why I've cancelled all the fancy platinum cards I had. They always wanted me to buy protection, and if I had a concern, I was connected with someone from India whose job it was to not help me in any way possible. Besides, I never once got any impressed glances from a hot waitress when I whipped out the platinum card, so what's the point? Sure, I could have bought a Maserati and paid it off over the next three decades, but who does that?

If you're looking for the best credit card experience overall, take it from someone who's dealt with all of the players (except Player's Club, ironically). Discover is the best card for most of us who don't plan on going on a spending spree and defecting to France.