After a month of writing free assessments of Lutheran websites, they are generating a lot of traffic. I hope that means folks who run those websites are seeing the needs that I addressed for them. While the website grading process has not yet led to a new lead, the idea is to offer a free service that can help others, so I guess it's not important that I have yet to make actual money on it. If I figured any of the owners of these websites would see or respond to direct contact emails, I'd go that route. Actually, that's a decent idea. I'm not spamming if I have already provided a free service. So my next task will be to contact the owners of the websites in order to confirm that the hits I've been getting are from someone at the organization.

If you want to see the Lutheran website assessments, follow this link. I will also go back and add churches as I continue to work on a specific sector of our nation's websites that need immediate attention.

Here's a list of some of the current articles, too. I will keep adding to the list. Right now I am on LCMS Recognized Service Organizations, but your church or school might be next. The percentage of RSOs with outdated websites is a bit lower than the 40% I've found in LCMS churches, but the way.

Lutheran Campus Mission Association

Lutheran Braille Workers

Luther Child Center - DBA Compass Health

Luther Care Services and Luther Park Community

Kansas Nebraska Good News Broadcasting Corporation - AKA KNGN Radio AM 1360

International Student Ministry Inc

Heit's Point Lutheran Ministries

Hands of Mercy Mission

Family Adventure and Recreational Ministry

Faith, Hope, and Peace Ministries

Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

Cross Connections

Concordia Deaconess Conference

Capstone Ministries

Amigos En Cristo


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