When I saw there was a stop driving order given to owners of Ford Rangers, I got a little more worried about my Lincoln MKZ. It's basically a Ford, and the Ford system has killed another victim. When I get my stop driving order, it will be AFTER someone gets killed in an MKZ, and probably BEFORE the parts are in for my vehicle. At that point, I wrote an article about the Lincoln issue, which includes my chat with Lincoln. But then I looked it up a bit more, and it's so much worse. 

As I suggest in the other article, everyone who is driving a car on the list NEEDS to be in another car until the offending vehicles are fixed. Any other life that is lost is due to negligence from the car companies. This problem has been documented for several years, yet we're still being forced to drive vehicles that could kill us. That is simply wrong. Since my car is in a hotter climate and getting older, I'm thinking it's time to stop having anyone sit in the passenger seat, and that means the car is not as useful, and that's why I need another car. 

Apparently, the following manufacturers are better than Lincoln at providing loaners: BMW, Fiat Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota. Those will be the companies I check out next time I need a car, I suppose, unless something happens very soon with Lincoln, which WANTS to be as fancy as BMW and claims to be better than the other companies on the list. The companies that are as useless as Lincoln at getting us loaner vehicles include: Acura, Audi, Ferrari, GM, Infinity, Jaguar/Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Tesla, and VW. 

Really, VW? There are thousands of VW dirty Diesels sitting around somewhere just waiting to be given out, but those probably have bad airbags, too. And I know there are always plenty of extra GM cars sitting on lots, waiting for incentives. But that's not even the problem. Almost all of these car companies have a network of dealerships that just need to be told to give out used vehicles and get the bags replaced. Give me a newer car, and maybe I'll buy it and trade in my MKZ, but instead, I just get angrier, and more apprehensive. 

Sure, once the thing explodes on me, my wife can sue, but that kind of sucks for me. And what if she's the one in the passenger seat? Now we'll have to take my old-ass SAAB on another major vacation, and I'll have to get new tires before we go, and all that really sucks for my pocketbook. Not as much as shrapnel from an exploding airbag, but still.