When Aunt Teri explained it, I saw the potential: hire someone to do all the reseauch FOR you. Instead of spending a dozen hours on a hundred websites while you try to deal with an ailment, hire someone who knows where to look. Not only did I like it for the person who needs help now, but I could see the results being made available for others, as well, so I told Teri I'd create her Hire a Health Nut page on her website.

She might not have much of a description yet, but the basic idea is that you hire her for a certain amount of research that can help you. She does the research and organizes the best results for you. She then provides you with a document so that you can only investigate the websites that she recommends you visit. I know from experience that a process like this can take many hours. Plus, since you're the one dealing with the issue, you can be swayed by manipulative advertising. If you hire a health nut, she will objectively try to find the best information for your issue. 

I told Teri the other end makes sense, too. Once she gets paid to do this very valuable research, she should make it available to others at a discount. That's kind of how add-ons for the websites I use are created: a company pays to have a cool add-on, and then the developer sells it cheaply for the rest of us to benefit. However, someone has to ask for the add-on to begin with, so if you are dealing with a health issue but can't deal with all the added stress of researching it, then hire yourself a health nut.