I was thinking about applying to a teaching job, which would have made it imperative for our kids to be in child care. I searched for “before and after school child care Wauwatosa,” hoping I’d find something near me. Nothing. I found some lady in New Berlin advertising her services, and that’s when I realized that I might be missing an opportunity. How many people who work in Wauwatosa at the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center or UWM West or Milwaukee County Research Park would like an hour before and after school? Probably a lot of folks.

You’re on this website right now because you were searching for something related to before and after school care in the Milwaukee and Wauwatosa area on the West Side of Milwaukee near the zoo. Maybe you work at Children’s, Froedtert, MCW, WLC, WLHS, or GE Healthcare. The point is that you need someone to watch your kids before and after school, and you’d rather not pay child care facility prices or be subject to their rules and viruses.

Let’s just say that an arrangement to watch your child is certainly negotiable, not just for our family, but also for some of our neighbors willing to take on a little extra responsibility from home. Whether your kids attend Milwaukee Montessori, which is four blocks from our home, or another school, there are options available. Right now, our kids ride the bus, and someone looking for before and after school child care could have another bus stop on our block. Another option would include having us drive your child to school, but that would again have to be discussed. The point is that we or someone we know from the Milwaukee-Wauwatosa area would be willing to help you with your childcare needs.

At our house, we have a 1/4 acre city lot in a very nice neighborhood. The yard has a playset and a net for soccer practice, as well as a crooked basketball hoop. We also have a large rec room downstairs with heat and Xbox (mostly Kinect moving games). Two kids under ten will be around. Living room and family room, along with a large kitchen table for homework time. I'd much rather be working from here than in some facility for kids, and your kids would like it here, too.

Go ahead and email or call me at four one four - five eight seven - six seven four zero if you're interested.