As a Lutheran, I know we are a lot about music. Yes, some churches have stayed with the Lutheran Hymnal, while others have moved to a more contemporary format. But we all like music as part of our services. We also like it as part of the shows we put on, whether by the Sunday School programs or schools. It's just being Lutheran.

When we joined Grace Lutheran in Jacksonville, Florida, I was not surprised that the school had a show choir. I figured it made sense, with music being such a big thing, and with musical movies and TV shows being big recently. The part that was surprising was the lack of a show choir at just about any other Lutheran school or church. Go ahead and search for it.

I know it's a lot of work, and Miss Laura Hillman has done that work. And I know that teachers don't necessarily need more on their plates, so I understand why it has not taken off completely. That said, it's fun for the kids and the audience at a show. We certainly enjoy and appreciate the choir, handbells, and even 1st year band, but if your school is looking to get the crowd excited about something, send in the show choir.

My son participated in this extracurricular this year, along with three other boys, so it's not just a girls club. Just as we have with modern worship music, Lutherans can adopt elements of popular culture in order to reach and retain kids and adults. Here are the two videos from the 2017 Grace Lutheran School Show Choir:

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