Honestly, my Saab could stop working at any time. I've been able to mostly keep it going, but it's nearing 150,000 miles, and I don't know if it's worth any major repairs that might be on the horizon. The problem is that I have a set of winter tires on the original rims, and the tires are just about done. I bought a separate set of winter tires for my wife's car, and they are in perfect condition. Since we're moving further south, I am tempted to use my other car's set of winter rims/tires to get a couple more years out of the car without buying new tires.

I know, it's silly to drive winter tires in Florida. But it's also kind of nuts to spend $500+ on a new set of tires on a car that will likely not last long enough to justify the investment. For around $100, I can get a 5x110 to 5x114.3 conversion adapter for the car. Then I can get maybe 20,000 miles out of the winter tires before the Florida heat takes its toll on the soft rubber.

Of course, I could also sell the rims and winter tires. The problem is that most people in Kansas don't run winter treads. I only used them for two months on my wife's car this year. Lisa would rather I sell the rims, but I paid about $800 for the rim and tire set. And the rims are pretty sweet, so if I can't get $300, I'll probably try the adapter method.

A possible added bonus would be the elimination of the Saab wheels' propensity to rust on, making removal nearly impossible. In fact, I've had several flat tires or tire change situations where I had to loosen the lugs and drive around in order to get the wheels off. I'd be interested to know if using a spacer / adapter helps with this problem.

The main issue is that the thinnest adapter is 1" thick, which means it will push the rims out an inch. That means I need to find out if that's going to create any problems with the wheels sticking out too far.


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