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I'm working on creating all the logos needed for my websites and business ideas. This is not easy and not fast, but it is something I feel I have to do in order to create my own business. My goal in this article is to go through some of the logos I have created and what I have used to do this. I will begin with the ones from this website, but I will eventually add all of images I have used for this purpose. You can pay a pro to do this sort of thing, and many of them are fairly reasonable, but I don't even have a reasonable amount of money for all the projects I work on, so it's up to me.

Written by Brian Jaeger, owner of Satisfamily, McNewsy, PassivNinja, Educabana, RealWisconsinNews, ManCrushFanClub, WildWestAllis, SitcomLifeLessons, and VoucherSchool.

LOGO USED FOR  CREATION Gimp. I like the cut out letter logo look.
Satisfamily Gimp. I was using this logo with a dark background, so I made a light image with a shadow that showed up nicely.
 brian jaeger voucher school Gimp again. I just monkey around with the logo creator until I get the look and feel that's right, and then do it again after I accidentally delete the file. 
 new baseballmilwaukee logo This image was more complicated than most logos I have done, since the client wanted a little boy hitting, then a girl, and then an adult male, and looking as if it was one continuous swing. That's pretty specific when it comes to images like this. I used Gimp and resizing and probably layers. I think one of the original hitters might have been left-handed, too. However, the result was exactly what was asked for. 
   BaseballMilwaukee  This was attempt #1 at the image above. I had it in my mind that the client wanted to see various aspects of the game. In the end, I think he was right on this one. Because I work pretty quickly, it was not a huge error, and it was good practice, but it was a good couple of hours spent NOT getting the right job done.
 passive ninja  Funny story. A former student used to make really awesome ninja animation. I asked if he could design my ninja for my website, one without weapons. He agreed, but we both kind of forgot. Then I wanted to get things rolling, and I still didn't have a ninja, so I drew it on my wife's laptop with a mouse using Paint. While not perfect, it's far from poor, and it was totally free mouse. I wish I could have gotten the peace sign better to begin, but I have that now.
ripply karma triangle Passive Ninja The Karma Triangle or Passive Ninja Shield was designed back in college. It's like the Karma Circle's cooler cousin from California. Plus, when I would really be bored in class and combine a bunch of these together, it's possibly even more awesome than a slowly wiggling one.
big passive ninja Passive Ninja Is this cool or what? Eight Ninja Triangles put together to form a Passive Ninja Octagon
passive ninja Passive Ninja I think this was some kind of comic book or super hero theme in Gimp. Never used it, but it's kind of hip.
passive ninja neon glow Passive Ninja This is Gimp and some kind of neon theme. One thing I have learned using Gimp is that if you convert some of the images to jpg, then the background shows up white instead of clear. However, most of the logo options can have a clear background simply by creating it, dragging the background away, and then saving it, and keep it png to be safe. Pretty sure that's how I do it.
purple passive ninja Passive Ninja Again, a png file with the white background dragged away and saved in png and NOT jpg.  I think I eventually told my client (because we're friends) that WisQuote sounds a lot like misquote, and maybe he never made it huge in the shortened scene was because you'd end up with IllQuote and MassQuote and some NorthQuotes. Anyhow, I think I had to delete template name from this logo and add my own with the font he chose. I believe the jury's out a bit on this image. It's EXACTLY what the client wanted. Basically, the image (on the site) has an animation and words that show up on mouseover, but he believed a lot of people would miss the animation and never click unless words appeared on each image, and I found some really cool royalty-free images for his site. Still looks cool, but I avoid writing words over images if at all possible. 
 custom logo passive ninja  Fundamental Trends  I think the client had this one as an image and then text, but it just didn't line up nicely, so I added the text to the banner (almost braking my own rule about not adding text to images). However, this allowed me to make the banner 100% image size across the grid, so it fits on that site like it does in this table, even if it's not the exact same size as other images in the table.