When I was getting some advice from SCORE mentors, two of them told me basically the same thing: if I could do what I do as a website designer and make it possible for small businesses to easily sell items online, they'd be happy. In fact, one mentor, who felt I should avoid building websites for churches, suggested small business owners would stand up and give me a hug if they knew what I could do and for the prices I charge.

The truth is that I still have yet to receive the love from businesses, but I can now see why those mentors felt like it would be the case. Let's take a look at two websites in progress that demonstrate why Passive Ninja Web Design in the obvious choice for any small businesses looking to expand (or just make more money). While these websites are subdomains right now, they will likely go live soon, and you'll get a good sense as to why when you see them.

Highland Lawncare

Here's my version of Highland Lawncare. http://cureforthepain.com/highlandlawncareofwi.com/

This is really one of my basic makeover websites, but it does add one new item that is pretty awesome, in that you can use your Google Calendar (either paid business or non-profit) in order to block off times for appointments. Think about this for a lawncare service: you schedule your days, and then you leave some times open. If someone goes onto your website, they can schedule an appointment without calling. Now think about it if you run a beauty salon or massage parlor (is that what they're called?). This tool is even more useful for those not needing to leave a central location in order to keep the appointment. Take a look at the original website here.

Urban Laundry of Wauwatosa

Here's my version of Urban Laundry http://cureforthepain.com/urban-laundry.com/

This is the one. Urban Laundry is my first real e-commerce site. Right now, it's set to be a catalog that allows online, pay-on-pickup purchases, but it can be converted to a full shopping cart whenever necessary. The point is that I created a beautiful website in under a week that can be used to sell items online, and that's the goal my SCORE mentors said I should have. The one that they said should get tons of customers begging for a chance to get me to build their websites. Keep in mind that it's not only a small business shopping cart, but it's also so much better than the original, which can be found at http://urban-laundry.com/ .

Yes, someone should probably be giving me a hug right now. If you own a small business or know someone who does, don't be afraid to grow that business. I've talked to a lot of people that think their business model and website are good enough. As a web designer, writer, and business owner myself, I never settle for good enough, so let me know if you want more. 414-587-6740 Brian