Grace Lutheran JAX Soccer 2018

It was a great first season for James and second season for Helena playing soccer for the Grace Lutheran School Eagles in Jacksonville, Florida. I took some photos of them and the rest of the team. Most are taken with my Canon 60D with the old 75-300 lens.


Remember, if you or anyone you know needs a website, I'm better at that than I am at photography. You can check out my web design sites with the links above. And you can read more about our family's transition to Jacksonville at New Jax Witty. If I can't establish myself as a local web designer, I will be looking for more work (I have an English degree, French minor, Urban Planning certificate, and a valid teaching license (6-12) from Wisconsin). But that also likely means fewer photos of the kids, so I am holding on.

The link to the album is here. You can download full-size photos for printing. Probably good up to 11X14. OK, Flickr just went to a paid site on me, so the photos are on Google Photos.No longer separated nicely, so you'll get more photos of my kids.

Keep in mind that I was shooting 300mm lens on a digital SLR, so basically 450mm, and the lens is two decades old, so make sure the photos you use aren't blurry...I have plenty of those available if you like blurry images.

The order is from first game to last game. I took a lot of photos of my own kids, but there are some for everyone here.

If you want to show your appreciation for the photos you'll be sending to family and friends, please click on an ad link on this website (and share this web page rather than the Flickr Google album).

I am allowing player family and friends, as well as Grace Lutheran School, to download these photos for non-commercial use.


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