I enjoy using Google Drive, but I sometimes need another format to create really cool lessons or presentations. I suppose that's where Lucidchart and Lucidpress come in. Lucidchart is like the Inspiration program I used when I was teaching in order to create graphic organizers, though I tended to not do all the extra work. I also used it to create Antigone's crooked family tree. Lucidpress is reminiscent of Publisher or Indesign. I don't know how powerful it is yet, but it would probably give users a nicer format than Google Docs to create a newsletter, if nothing else.

I modified one of my Word-based assignments to see Lucidchart in action. The point of the assignment is for students to move the squares around in order to create their own perfect world. We'll see if others can create a copy of the document or if it ends up just being a static chart when published and shared (not my intent). 

For Lucidpress, I just published a image gallery template so far in order to embed something on a website to see how it looks. I will play around with it more, and what you see here will eventually be more. The image gallery is cool, maybe as an art portfolio, but if you use the free version, you only get three pages and 25mb of storage, so even an image portfolio might become lackluster. However, you might be able to make some nice newsletters.