Lisa was using the ACT writing rubric with one of her classes. I suggested it because it's relevant, especially to the juniors she'd be teaching. I always used the 6+1 traits, giving seemingly low scores until I realized that all 1s really would be a 60%, not something in the 16%-range. That's a big difference, but not something explained to all teachers. Sure, you could take the 1 down to 50%, but to just make it a 1/6 is not really showing where the student is on your grading scale. Anyhow, I did not readily find an ACT writing rubric version of the percerntage conversion, so I made one using an online tool. Now you can ACCURATELY grade those ACT essays without trying to be nice to make sure the student doesn't fail, since no one will fail.

I am also including a bonus 150-point rubric percentage conversion chart. This is because Lisa used a gigantic 150-point rubric (not her design) for her freshmen. When she mentioned that she was surprised at how low some of the grades had been, I remembered rubric-to-percentage conversions. I don't know why this isn't a basic tennant of using rubrics or why it's not on every rubric given to students, but it's just something that tends to slip by, with teachers obviously dumbing-down grading in order to make sure everyone's not failing.

The ACT writing is four categories with six points in each category. The low score of a four is consistent with this. Lisa basically has 15 categories worth 10 points each in the 150-point rubric, so the low score is 15 (1 point in each of the 15 categories). 

If you find this useful, click on an ad and check out our lessons at TeachersPayTeachers. If you believe a rubric should be used as percentages without a conversion (and you're still honest in your assessments), wow. But feel free to comment below.

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If you happen to need a 63-point rubric conversion chart with 9 categories on a 65-point scale for a D - , then here's that one.