I got a call from a new client who was concerned about a website. The website is supposed to promote and archive Lutheran radio, but the archive link seemed to be going somewhere very not Lutheran. I've embedded a player here to show how that method will work. Apparently, YourListen has gone to a very annoying system of landing page, signup request, AND popup ad for each new page visited. I assume this means the YourListen business model has failed and anyone with files stored there had better back them up soon.


The image below is what Lutherans both young and old got to see on YourListen. I have to wonder how many unsuspecting organizations got stabbed by the "free" service. You can't embed the whole page to make the popup madness end: you have to embed each broadcast individually. More than likely, a paid version is in the works. Until then, enjoy the sexy images along with your sermons.

yourlisten landing page

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