I like Google Fiber. I also like getting a lot of free storage along with my account. The problem is that, if we move, Google Fiber isn't exactly a nationwide service. I wanted to know what happened to all my stored files if I have to leave the Fiber family, and it's kind of a mixed answer.

Apparently, the files won't actually be deleted. That's good, I guess. That could mean it's time to store all of my files in the cloud, since they'll be there. However, I won't be able to add anything new Drive once I'm no longer getting the free space. Now that I've tried to move all of my files into one account, that's annoying. It's not that I don't have other Google accounts, but it's nice to have just the one to deal with.

What about sharing? When I left my job as a teacher, I shared all my Drive files with myself so that I could use them if I wanted to teach again. I still have access to these files, and I can change them because I gave myself the right to edit. Even though I cannot get into the school account, I basically still have it as a storage space. I am not positive my 1tb stored files will still be able to work this way for me, but it might be worth a try before I start deleting and zipping to get the files back down to 15gb.

Google's answer says I won't be able to add or create anything new. It also says it will be there waiting for me if I ever come back. Or, I suppose, if I pay for upgraded storage. That's not easy to do when I, as I said, have other Google accounts with plenty of space under the 15gb. I guess I have to wonder if it will more of an issue on my phone somehow, since the account is also one there. And my Chromebook. Hassles. Then again, to be able to keep my photos and other files off my constantly-failing home hard drives, I will probably go ahead and max out my 1tb before I quit Google Fiber. Maybe I'll get to use it again when Google figures out how to deploy its service to more than a handful of cities.