People have been asking us how we like Jacksonville, Florida. Whether or not we're settled in yet. Are we still Packers fans, or have we started to root for the Jaguars? Is it hot enough for us? Have we seen any alligators or snakes or fist-sized insects? Have any of our cars been stolen yet?

We have answers, but you might have to tune into to get them. Satisfamily will continue to have general interest items for your consumption, but New Jax Witty will focus in on a Midwestern family that has found itself in Jacksonville, Florida. We're close to Georgia, not far from Disney, and generally considered part of Florida by the rest of the state. If you want to learn why people in Jcksonville yell "Duval" really loud like they're getting some kind of a prize for doing it or why Floridians are considered to be the worst drivers in the nation, check out our new website.

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