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Did you know that you can request a book from your public library? I mean request the library buy the book. Even if you don't want to spend the big bucks to get an autographed copy of one of my books, how's about you send a request for your local library to stock the book? While I only have a few self-published books right now, and at least one of them isn't available in the normal library-purchasing venues, I figured I'd set up an easy way for you to spend a few minutes in order to get some pretty good reading into your local library by providing a link to your book request page and a list of the books you might like to read.

The library might ask why you want the book. Just say it's from this new author you've heard about. Or you read my stuff on Kindle and want it for the library. Or it's a local author who's about to get really big. Probably not that you're my cousin or mom.

My books:

Title ISBN
Numbers Cool Book
Philadelphia Store: The Musical
Nearly News: Satire Stories Seeking Significance 2007-2014



City (WI) URL
Milwaukee Federated
Brookfield website says to contact Reference Department Try email
Elm Grove Try contacting someone here
Menomonee Falls
New Berlin Try the contact
Muskego Not user-friendly. Try this
Racine Long-winded explanation with no link. Try contact.
 Wisconsin Public Library Consortium more for me


City (national) URL