Stepping away from the initial shock is probably a good idea for the soon-to-be unemployed. You can't spend every minute analyzing every decision you made as an employee or every decision your employer made. However, it's not a good time to suddenly spend a whole lot of money, so taking an impromptu vacation would seem like a better idea than it would be.


While I have thought about my job way too much over the past month, I was lucky enough to also be starting my 19th season in local amateur baseball. I just worked on my 22 year-old glove with a bit of shoe lace and optimism. While I can't fix my job situation with shoe laces, I can remain optimistic that my skills are desirable and that I can still work just fine in the hands of a good player.

The question I have to ask is whether or not that player is in the same field I've worked in for over a decade. If not, can I get by with who I am, or do I have to become someone else in order to succeed?

Year after year, my teammates had told me it was time to get a new glove. Now, my employer showed me how that scenario works. In baseball, I've said that I would retire when my glove is done. Unfortunately, I can't just retire from any career now that my employer has seen fit to retire me. Even with metaphors tying myself into baseball, it still offers me an outlet, and someone who has been retired needs an outlet more than I had imagined.

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