I've written about my dealings with Boucher in another article. You can check that out if you want to know the method I used to try to secure a decent deal and make sure I was not too disappointed after the purchase. Overall, I'd say I was fairly pleased with my purchase. 


However, I'm not a very good customer. I generally know specifically what I want when I venture onto a lot, so all of the salesmanship techniques are kind of wasted on me. The dealership was willing to negotiate and it seemed to have a reasonable price in the end. I probably could have walked away initially and gotten a phone call in a couple of days with a better offer, but I was willing to close the deal.

It's kind of nice to buy from a new car dealer, just because people expect a little more attention to detail and the desire to retain the customer. My salesman was not the best there, but he was new, and I'm willing to give him a break on that. I would say that I would recommend Gordie Boucher Lincoln in West Allis if a nicer car-buying experience is part of what you expect. If you want a better price, then check out the smaller places or private sellers. However, there can be many pitfalls in those options, as well.  

See my article about Hansen Brothers Auto Sales for more on that.

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