Gary had two great ideas recently. One was to expand the reach of his Outcome-based Youth Ministry program. The other was to hire Luthernet Web Design. He has a wonderful program that is not only geared to the youth but involves all age groups from the church. Not only that, outcomebasedym also is geared specifically towards your denomination. That's right, the idea is NOT to make it another one-size-fits-all ministry package. Contact Gary to find out more.

Similarly, Luthernet Web Design does not create one-size-fits-all websites. We can work with small churches or megachurches. We can have a sole pastor easily add content or create a dozen user groups. We can, basically, create a website that works for you.

I even give a lot of free advice away on the Luthernet blog. It's all to help, and I am actually helped as a web designer when a client knows what he's looking for in a website. That's because I don't use smoke and mirrors, like many folks in the computer industry. Sure, I could charge twice as much money or pretend I'm working twice as many hours, but then I would not be able to say I'm a faith-based, honest business.

Yes, it can be a problem at times. When I give a quote for a website that's 1/4th the going rate, a church might figure there's something amiss. The truth is that the other companies you looked into are amiss, since they need to pay CEOs, designers, marketers, and secretaries. If you think CEOs, marketers, secretaries, and web designers stationed in India need to get a cut of your church's resources, then hire those companies, but if you want a website designer to give you a brand-new website, hire me or another freelancer in your area. If you want to know which questions to ask, then read my book on church website design. Search "Brian Jaeger Church Website" on Amazon. Or just hire an honest web designer, not a marketing company that outsources web design to the lowest bidder.

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