It's been a couple of years since I designed the Insights to Life website. I never really promoted it as I will often do with new websites, since Amy wasn't quite ready to get it going. Now is the time. Amy Raml is a life coach and former teacher with the insight to help you achieve your goals in life. She will be updating the website as she begins writing about the insights she has on life.

I cannot say that I have ever used a life coach, but I have tried using business mentors, and I always benefitted from those meetings, so I assume a life coach is kind of like a mentor for more aspects of your life than just business. For example, I was reading a pamphlet from church that discussed how much time an individual should put into various activities during a given week. It was kind of sad, since Lisa is currently putting nearly 80 of her 87 hours into her church job, but it was a good guide in theory. A life coach probably helps you to manage your time in a meaningful way, and that's important if you want to be happy in life. My business coaches were more about success only, and only one of them seemed concerned with whether or not I was putting too much time into my endeavors.

Since I'm not the one who is a life coach, I can't give you any specific advice, but as articles start appearing on the Insights to Life page, I can always let you know if something works for me.

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