My friend Mark and I used to make fun of my sister, who had a crush on Juan Nieves of the Milwaukee Brewers. We’d use Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita” song:

Last night I dreamt of Juan Nieves

We were living in a cardboard shack…

That was fun and all, but I don’t know for sure that she ever had a dream that included one of the Milwaukee Brewers. Last night, however, I did dream of meeting Paul Molitor. It wasn’t odd as dreams go. I was in a bar that seemed to have been destroyed, maybe because I’m thinking about the impending hurricane (Florence). There were several guys at the bar, wondering how to clean up, and then, all of a sudden, Paul Molitor said he had to go, so we all said good-bye. I was nervous, but I told him how much he meant to me growing up and that I still play baseball. He asked about the league where old guys could play, and I explained it to him. It was a nice little conversation. I think I know the reasons why he appeared in my dreams, so let’s do some dream analysis.

  1. The Brewers Don’t Suck

2018 is one of those once-a-decade years for the Brew Crew. They don’t suck and might make it to the first round of the playoffs. That’s enough to get me thinking about the Milwaukee Brewers, past and present. Molitor was one of the few Brewers stars from my childhood who won a World Series ring, even though it was not with the Brewers. While I was not among the haters, I was upset Molitor left. When I was young, the Brewers team members were like surrogate dads who never yelled at me or swore at the television (while watching Brewers games). And Harvey Kuenn was like my other grandpa.


  1. I Wrote An Article With Molitor In It

I recently wrote an article about playing baseball in which I compare myself to Paul Molitor. I know that’s silly, but at my age, Paul was either retired or playing DH. I continue to try to make diving plays, often getting hurt in the process. It’s probably stupid, but that’s the way I learned to play because of pros like Molitor, and even if I never quite had the talent to go pro, I do have the talent (and lack of sense) to impress my friends once in a while.

  1. I Met A Guy Who Grew Up In Minnesota

I was talking to Brent from my baseball team, and he grew up in Minnesota. We talked for some time, and drank a little, too, but I remember at one point thinking about Paul Molitor playing for Minnesota. When Molitor was about my age now (OK, a few years younger), he was batting .341 for Minnesota and getting votes for MVP. Maybe I had the dream because I kind of remembered that Molitor played into his 40s, just like me.

  1. The 1982 Postaire In My Garage, Etc.

While I was organizing the garage, I had to re-mount the 1982 Milwaukee Brewers Postaire I have framed because it had fallen down. Molitor and the rest of the gang are on the poster. In fact, I also had to move my signed Molitor baseball (a gift from my wife) while trying to hide my baseball cards so that she doesn’t tell me for the 2000th time to sell them. I figure the memories belong to me, and the cards can belong to my kids to either store or sell. We've also (finally) been using my 1982 Milwaukee Brewers McDonald's glasses with Molitor as one of the pictured Crew.

  1. I’m Trying To Find A Local Packer Bar

My friend Jeff told me there was a solid Packer bar in Jacksonville, so I looked into it. The closest option I found is a bar that also has a location in Brookfield, WI, though that does not immediately qualify it in my mind. However, I could have been imagining I was in this new haunt when Paul Molitor comes in to watch a game during a hurricane. Could happen.

There you have it. Perfectly sensical reasons for dreaming about Paul Molitor. What was kind of funny is that my mind did an age-progression for the guy, even though I haven’t seen him in over a decade. I didn’t actually recognize him myself, and it took one of the other guys at the bar (none of whom I knew) to say that Paul Molitor was leaving, but I am glad I finally got a chance to meet one of my childhood heroes.