I can never find much information about the Bertone X 1/9 I own, so I figured I'd post what I know for sure and what I want to know. This one goes a little under both categories. Since the car is currently buried under lots of summer items in the winterized garage, I can't really check on the speakers, but I'm thinking of ordering some replacements anyway. 

I know for sure that the current speakers are shot. Maybe my little EQ amp blew them or maybe they just got old, but neither speaker works at all. I have this coupon to use at an auto parts store, so I'm probably going to have to guess a little bit for size. Crutchfield says 4" x 6" speakers work, though they indicate "modified fit" next to each speaker. I believe I measured them once as 4" x 6" as well. Since everything on the car is small, what I'll do is find the absolute smallest speakers of that size on the website I need to use. 

The other thing that bothers me about buying speakers is that websites do not seem to specify whether the "speakers" they are selling are in a pair or not. I believe that conventional wisdom would dictate that these are pairs for the price, especially if the title says the word with an s. However, I found some products with descriptions explicitly mentioning single speakers or saying, "sold as a pair."

I bought the speakers from Advanced Auto Parts when I had some coupon money to spend. Cheapest 4 x 6 speakers on the site. Fit right in. Worked. Case closed. 

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