I've written before about how I want to help others in order to hopefully be able to continue to work on my own. So far, I've had a few solid months working in Jacksonville, and I'd like for it to continue rather than go work at a local warehouse or whatnot. With that in mind, I figured I could use my time as I work from home to help others and maybe even myself. My first task is to review every Lutheran church in Florida for their websites, helping those congregations see how they can improve. My next goal, however, is to help local Jax actors and actresses, and maybe poets, artists, and musicians. 

No, I don't have the money to be a benefactor, but these creative people could benefit from my skills and camera. With my Canon 60D, a decent mic, and some external lighting, I've decided to offer the true high definition video as a way to help the local arts community. I know there's a thriving community of creative people here, but I've had trouble finding them in my secluded suburban block. If I can offer to help make simple demo reel videos, then I can maybe meet some of those people who in turn might be able to someday help me. So far, I've just decided to write about it rather than post to Craigslist, hoping I find people who are committed to the arts rather than the art of scamming. You can read more about it here

Since I don't really have much beyond the camera, I'm not worried about people trying to steal or scam, though I do think it's a great idea, so others might try to take it and make it their own. I can't control that in other cities, but I'm hoping that the acting and arts community in Jax sees the potential to get its talent shown off by someone looking to help them. Maybe I'll learn enough filmmaking skills to sell those someday, maybe I'll sell some books or scripts, maybe I'll sell some websites, and maybe I'll just have fun helping others.