job for brian jaeger

Menomonee Falls High School made a mistake when its administrators laid me off. Those decision-makers might have realized this before the end of my tenure, but they certainly realize it now, a year later. Assuming my information is correct, and several more teachers from my old department are resigning, I wanted to take this opportunity to give the School District of Menomonee Falls an opportunity to apologize and make me an offer.

While I’m not really expecting a correspondence from Corey Golla, Pat Greco, or the school board, I believe I would do exactly that if in their places. In fact, I bet Lowell Kellogg, as a new school board member, would push for such a measure. He’d say that effective and well-liked teachers (like Lowell Kellogg) should be retained. He’d also probably disagree with the statement that all teachers in a department are interchangeable.

Which leads me to the first part of what MFHS would have to do to get me back: an apology. I’m not asking for anyone to lose a job, but I was told that all English teachers are interchangeable and that the team that the administration had decided to go with was the best team. Looks like 30% of that team walked off. Yes, I would have felt like leaving this past year, and I would have continued to write and build websites on the side. And maybe, just maybe, I would have gotten a better offer to leave. But the truth is that I was not given that chance. The rest of the team that was left was given that chance, and apparently, some took it.

Sure, I know there will be openings, and I will not be applying. That’s the second part of that the School District of Menomonee Falls needs to do in order to get me back. The district needs to ask me. Give me call or send me an email. My own business has not been a huge success yet, but MFHS made the mistake, not me. In fact, that Christianne lady was such a bleep when firing me that I don’t want her to have any part in contacting me or hiring me. I’m fine with anyone else calling me up and making an offer.  

That leads me to the offer. I know what I’m doing, can teach any class, and would be a stabilizing force in what must not be a great situation. The School District of Menomonee Falls took away my ability to tell my kid he could attend a Boy Scout camp without financial aid. However, it was also a nice fit in some ways. Just make an offer, keeping in mind all that this one person could provide by coming back. Swallow your pride a bit. Apologize, contact me, and make an offer.

You can ask around if you want. Ask anyone in the English Department if it was a mistake to get rid of me. I haven’t talked to any of them for nearly a year, but I know what their answers will be. The one thing I am not going to do is apply and go through the normal process of getting hired, mostly because I didn’t go through a normal process of getting fired. If you can let me go for no reason, then you can hire me back in the same way.

Anyhow, assuming administration will feel it’s beneath them to make me an offer, I’d like to wish Menomonee Falls High School the best of luck in finding new, interchangeable English teachers.

Also, if you're working for another school district and need a good English teacher, have someone let me know. I won't be applying, but I am good at what I do. You can check out some of my lessons at TeachersPayTeachers or Educabana.