Do you have something interesting to say? Do you think it might be something others would pay for? I know, I know, you've created a blog before. Nobody read it, right? Nobody will, either. It's set up that way. People with the backing of major corporations are the ones who are successful at blogging. I'd venture to say that many of the blogs you read are completely funded by the same corporations that are talked about in the blogs. These might include products or political parties.


If you want to get paid for the interesting ideas you have, find someone who wants to pay for those ideas, but be aware that they might want you to write what they want you to write. That's fine, in a way. You can start a website and be the tool for someone else. I guess that's what many of us writers or artists are. But what if you want to say your own thing and still get paid? 

From what I understand, the best way to make money and be read on the internet is to find a niche and fill it. We're trying with thin Satisfamily idea, but we realize it might be too broad. A better niche might be a site just about BPA-free cups, or a site just about reviews of electronic devices. Yes, most of the niches have a site or thousands. That's where you come in. Create the best site possible about one particular idea you have, update it until it hurts, and then keep updating it. Maybe, by chance or skill, you will be seen as the authority, especially after all the other bloggers have given up. 

Years later, you might make several thousand dollars for your effort. And you'd be in the minority, but if you maintain the site, you'll be authority for years to come. Maybe forever, but I really don't know what will still be on the internet a thousand years from now, though that is something interesting to consider. Anyhow, become the niche and you might have some success. If not, write and have fun. Send the link to all your relatives. A website is so much more permanent than a tweet or Facebook post, so you win, anyhow. 

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