Here's an error those of you with fairly recent Joomla websites might get when trying to add new articles from the frontend:

Error: Call to undefined method JEventDispatcher::getContent(): Call to undefined method JEventDispatcher::getContent()

I've posted in forums and tried some of the fixes, but I have the one that worked for me here. It only happened in certain sites, and a Joomla update by hand (not through the hosting company) worked on one or two, but the rest still showed the error, so I went back to an older version of Joomla, which isn't really the best method.

I noticed that one area one one site WAS working to add articles in list view, and I wondered why that single one was working, and then I realized it was because I'd added that category to the menu later than the others, in a newer Joomla version. So, I went back and created a new menu item in list view for a category that was not working, and now it worked. What I assume happened is the JEventDispatcher, a deprecated component, was somehow not updated properly in some of my websites. These sites were still trying to operate the old way, and there were no settings to change it, and nothing else online gave me the answer.

You might have the menu item with subcategories and whatnot, so it's a pain, especially if you had custom settings within the list layout. I just renamed the news alias to news1 so that I could create another news menu item and then copy the settings. You'll also have to add the subcategories back onto the one you're fixing. Or you can use the batch Copy (to a different menu area) and then Move functions. This can be a little cumbersome, but it actually works to make the same list layout now work. The system won't let you have the same aliases in the same place, so you have to move your copies and then move them back...silly, but better than creating all new menu items.

Even though this will take you some time, it's a lot faster than all the nonsense I went through to try to fix the problem when the 3.8.11 update first came. I thought if I went back a version and then hoped Joomla would get it right with 3.8.12, then I wouldn't have to mess around any more, but that didn't work. This should work for you. When it did not work on another site, however, that's when I disabled the Read More button in plugins, and that did work. With some errors showing up on frontend editing, but no biggie.

What's kind of disconcerting is that many of my websites are not edited with a list view from the frontend, which means the problem could exist and go unnoticed until I decide to add frontend editing to those sites. Also, a lot of sites aren't updated weekly, so those site managers won't see the problem until much later on.

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