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This might seem like vanity publishing to those of you who have contracts and agents and money, but I have to do what I can in order to get noticed, and I have learned two things recently that has led me to printing my own books. First, some people don't read on devices. Second, you can't sell your books on Craigslist if they are links to electronic files. While I realize it might bring taxes and whatnot into the equation, I'd rather give Uncle Obama and Uncle Scott Walker a few pennies than not be able to sell my book to people who either don't read ebooks or find their books on Craigslist.

The reason I know I have to do something is market research, or asking people to buy my book. Cousin Jason said he would buy one but does not use ebooks because he likes real books better. I tend to agree, but it seems like most people on their devices as much as he is would also be reading their books that way. I know my students liked to say they didn't enjoy reading on their laptops, so maybe there's something to it. If you dislike reading on devices, you will now be able to purchase real books for likely a lot more money with a lot less profit for me, but maybe you'll actually read the book. Another person who wanted a non-ebook version of James's Numbers Cool Book is my mother-in-law. She wanted a signed copy from the author. Fine by me.

Craigslist is another annoying issue. I saw people advertising weird new age and end-of-the-world books, but all of my posts got flagged as breaking rules. I assume the main rule is not to link out to another site just to get people to buy stuff there. This is, once again, done to thwart those email marketers, but those of us who are real authors get nailed as being the same thing. My way around it is to have actual copies of my book at my house for purchase. If people contact me on Craigslist and would rather pay less for the Kindle version, I will then direct them to the link. I have no problem keeping a bookcase full of my own books in order to make Craigslist happy.

I am trying to start. I thought it would be easier because it's tied to Amazon, but it's proving to be quite a challenge to get the elements to squeeze to the right size. However, the point is that within a few weeks I should have some copies of the books to offer to others, and my gut tells me I still need real copies of my book. I realize that some people reading this are full-time authors trying to figure out what's right for them. I don't know, but since I'm a full time web designer and small business owner, I went with what seems to be the least amount of money laid out by me that will result in what I need to have: a book in my hand.

It took about a week to get my proof. Now you can buy directly from my Createspace book page. My book is also available on Amazon, but I get less of a commission from Amazon.

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