While I’m not going back to school as a teacher this year, I am putting together lessons to be sold on TeachersPayTeachers. Now that I’m packaging some of Lisa’s quizzes with extensive matching, I wanted to see if I could take her A-O lists and turn them into scantron matching lists. Buyers like to know if the whole test can be Scantron or not. 

Since I didn’t readily find a list of scantron letter combinations to use for a large matching test, I guess I’ll just post it myself in case anyone is in need. Anyone who is a mathmagician might have a longer list than the 30 I got, but here’s my list. If I’m wrong, please add others in a facebook comment. My initial answer was 25, but then I started to see a couple more here and there. Honestly, if you’re using this many in a single matching, you might want to break it up into sections, anyhow.  

OK, my list is now 31 because Jarrett found that I had missed bde, which I have added in the appropriate place. Strangely enough, that's the exact number of Mexican States, so there you go, Geography of North America teachers. 

Just after I got this list completed, I found a Call of the Wild test Lisa wrote with a 41-question matching section. Since I now know that 41 is out of reach, I turned it into two 20-ish question matching sections. And I got to use quite a few of the combinations below.







ab (f)

ac (g)

ad (h)

ae (i)

bc (j)

bd (k)

be (l)

cd (m)

ce (n)

de (o)

abc (p)

abd (q)

abe (r)

acd (s)

ace (t)

ade (u)

bcd (v)

bce (w)

bde (x)

cde (y)

abcd (z)