We'd consider a move to Jacksonville, Florida, twice over the last five years. The first time was jjust after I was laid off, and we liked some of what we saw in the growing city. It met my main requirement--water. Lisa was interested in lots of cities that were either succeptible to droubt or were dependent on someone else for water. While there are times we're not supposed to water our lawns in Jax, there literally is fresh water everywhere. But we needed more than just water, so I hit the ratings websites. You have to take the ratings and the comments with a grain of salt. There are plenty of negative comments about every large city. The problem is that most of us never really get that grain of salt, since the comments just fester on the places rated websites for years. Surprisingly, cities don't ask their mayors or other important people to add some other perspectives on these websites, so one person who felt slighted back in 2005 stands out.

Anyhow, if you're considering a move to Jacksonville specifically, then check out my own analysis of the comments that I read before moving here. It adds that grain of salt from the perspective of an outsider trying to figure out if Jax is the right place to be.