The other day when a man showed up at our door looking for the Craigslist rental deal of the century (our house address as a scam on CL), I did not understand what the guy was saying. Luckily, I made Lisa answer the door, so she tried to explain what had happened in her attempted use of half-forgotten Spanish. In the big picture, this was an irrelevant moment, since we were just both confused by scammers. However, what if your current and future business depends on being able to communicate with people who speak Spanish? Are you going to pass those customers off to someone else or are you going to hire a company capable of helping you?

Equalingua not only has an awesome new website, it's also owned by a friend. I know Jennifer Flamboe to be trustworthy, reliable, and honest. If you need Spanish language consulting services in translating, interpreting, or instruction, call Equalingua first. If you need something done in French, you can try me, but my French is probably a bit rusty.