I wrote an article a while back about how you could figure out your own DNA family heritage based on your parents, and then apply the same math to the kids. I am not sure it's totally accurate, but it's probably a good estimate. The results for both sides of the family are now in, so that means I can do the math and tell my kids what they are. To be clear, we did not get any DNA tests done ourselves, but we both have parents who did and who are our parents, so add them up and divide by two.

This is Lisa:

33% Great Britain

22.5% Eastern Europe

19.5% Western Europe

14.5% Ireland

6.5% Scandinavia

1.5% Finland/Russia

1% European Jewish

1% Iberian Peninsula

<1% Italy


This is me:

98.5% European

1.5% West Asia


25.5% Great Britain

23.5% Europe West

23.5% Europe East

19% Scandinavia

3.5% Iberian Peninsula

less than 2% Ireland

less than 1% Finland/Northwest Russia

.5% European Jewish


Therefore, this would be our kids:

99.25% European

.75% West Asia


29.5% Great Britain

23% Eastern Europe

21.5% Western Europe

12.75% Scandanavia

8% Ireland

2.25% Iberian Peninsula

1% Finland/NW Russia

.75% European Jewish

less than .5% Italy

Maybe that does not equal exactly 100%, but it's close.

Some notes on my own parents' DNA I thought worth mentioning:

  • My dad has been German in his geneology forever, but he came up as a fairly equal mix of Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Scandanavia. That probably makes sense being from the region Northeast of Berlin.
  • My mom was 51% British but less than 1% Irish. My dad was actually more Irish. It probably goes to show how much the English did not marry the Irish back when her family was in England. It also means that since the Osts (her dad) and Shriners (her grandpa) in the family brought in the rest of her makeup, the Nortons must have remained basically 100% British until marrying a Shriner, which might play a role in a disinheritance in favor of a hired man.
  • Both Lisa and I have some European Jewish in our families, both from our mothers, and our mothers are related from back in the 1500s. This presents the possiblity of a fully European Jewish common relative.
  • Lisa and I both have just a little bit of Iberian Peninsula. Never any Spanish or Portugese names in any of the trees, however, so you just wonder.
  • West Asia? My mom was 3%. These countries include Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and sometimes Cyprus, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. It's basically the Middle East with some far-Eastern Europeanish countries. Not that she's succeptible to the 2017 travel ban, but it's a bit of a surprise. Based on that percentage, one of her great-great-great-grandparents was likely 100% West Asian.
  • Nothing Else? My dad had always said his grandma was so dark-skinned that he figured her heritage was from somewhere else, but Spain is as far south as his DNA implied. Back in middle school, when I was pretty good at basketball, some of the kids took the fact that I had a great-grandma who was very dark to imply I was at least a percentage African-American. Guess not.