You helped us to make our new house a home by offering your services as an electrician and teacher, and for that consideration, we are thankful. However, several outlets in a basement says nothing about what you do to welcome people who attend our church every time I see you, and I also want to call attention to that aspect of who you are. I see people light up when they see you because you make every person that you meet feel special, from wide-eyed children to tired-eyed seniors. When you told me about spending so much time working alone as an electrician, I felt bad for all the people who you never met each day, but you certainly make up for it now. I also wanted to thank you for teaching me more about how to work with electricity. You helped give me the confidence to replace two lights on the main level of the house without getting shocked or causing a fire, so that’s a step up for me. I know a lot of people appreciate the electrical work you do for Hope Lutheran, but the work your electric personality does to make others smile at church is probably just as important, and just as appreciated.