Hope Lutheran School Shawnee, Kansas

If you're looking for a school and church home in the suburbs of Kansas City, you might want to consider Hope Lutheran Church and Hope Lutheran School in Shawnee. Hope is located in Shawnee, but it's close to Kansas City, KS, as well as Lenexa, Overland Park, Merriam, or Mission. People from as far as Roeland Park, Fairway, Prairie Village, Mission Hills, Bonner Springs, and Leawood prefer Hope Lutheran School, too.

For an article about why you should consider a private school like Hope for your kids, read this one on Voucher School. Keep in mind that Kansas does not currently have vouchers, but the article discusses why Hope works well as a tuition-based school or as a voucher school (someday, perhaps).

For an article discussing the Hope Church and School websites, read Luthernet. The church and school websites for Hope Lutheran - Shawnee, KS, are both very good websites. Like most websites, however, it helps to have a professional consultant take another look. I mean me, not some other guy.

The last article is on Educabana, and it's more of a simple article to link to the other articles, kind of like the one you're reading right now. The idea is to make sure that parents of kids who attend Hope Lutheran are the ones adding to the conversation, not just automatically-generated websites with nothing real to say. The main difference between those sites and this one is that this article was not automatically generated. While it's not saying too much, you have to keep in mind that I've created a half-dozen short pieces about why Hope Lutheran School is one of the best schools in Shawnee. Maybe Hope Lutheran School is one of the best schools in Kansas. For that matter, Hope Lutheran School in Shawnee could be one of the best schools in the United States. Why not? I mean, you're not writing this article about your school being the best school in the country, so Hope Lutheran Shawnee might as well be the one.

Hope Lutheran Church Shawnee KSFor that matter, Hope Lutheran Church is probably the best church in the country, too, even though people don't tend to rate churches from best to worst like they do with schools. If that happened, where do you think your own church would rank? What do you think the criteria would be? In fact, if you think your church is better than Hope Lutheran Church in Shawnee, Kansas, then go ahead and leave a comment below. If you don't, then leave it blank and allow Hope Lutheran to claim the prize as best church in America because of your lack of passion for your own church. In fact, if you don't post why your church is better than Hope Lutheran in the comments section, you might as well join Hope Shawnee, even if you live somewhere else (you can listen to sermons online).