James really seems to like hockey. At least he likes hitting the little rubber hockey ball that came with the plastic hockey stick I got him when I was buying Helena a tennis raquet. Problem is, James does not like skating and he does not really like any other sports.

The only field hockey options in our country seem to be for females, and he's a bit young for Lacrosse. We figured he'd better learn how to skate if he only likes one sport and it's completely dependent on ice skating. Time to find out what local rinks offer for lessons, because I can barely stand on skates.

Petit Ice Center - Six forty-minute lessons (with twenty minute practice) for $80 or $90. I'll assume the prices went up and a web page was not updated, and the site's copyright info says 2009 in 2012, so it could use a little work anyhow. However, if you count it as an hour at $80, it's a lot different than counting 40 minutes at $90, which is what I will do. $22.50 an hour for the actual lesson. $15 an hour if you count free skating time.

Greater Milwaukee FSC - At Wilson Park in Milwaukee and Eble Park in Waukesha. $105 for seven weeks. Another crappy website for finding info, but it looks like 45 minute sessions. No mention of the practice time. $20 an hour for the lesson.

University School - If this school has a program listed and no prices for that program, I think it means that anyone wondering how much it would cost cannot really afford it in the first place. Either that or just another sub-par website, but that's not what I'd expect from a school that is widely recognized as the finest preprimary through secondary school in the Milwaukee area.

In Beautiful Delafield - Another run around with lots of words before you find a price, but it looks like six 30 minute sessions with a whopping 30 minute practice after each for $90. A mere $15 an hour if you count practice time, and a larger $30 an hour if you just count instruction.

Conclusion: Most of the facilities seem to charge about the same amount for lessons. It might depend on whether or not you think practicing on your own is as beneficial as instruction time. For us, it might come down to location.

I'd also once again suggest that people who want business and are trying to charge me money for that business might want to update their websites or get me to help them out.

Written by Brian Jaeger, owner of Satisfamily, McNewsy, PassivNinja, Educabana, RealWisconsinNews, ManCrushFanClub, WildWestAllis, SitcomLifeLessons, and VoucherSchool.