I hadn't realized it until this time last year, but many of the images that I added (if not all) had been blocked from Google. It was a default setting for Joomla sites, which happen to be most of the sites I use. I had not thought about the importance too much until I started promoting myself about a year ago, wondering why the images I added to my own sites were not showing up in Google Image searches. New Joomla sites allow Google to crawl images, so I figured maybe an article that included some of my images over the years might be a good idea, so that's what this is. Instead of using Flickr or Google Drive, I will just use pages in this article to organize images. We'll see where it goes and how many I will index here, but it's a project to get some of my images out there for others to see.

Actually, since there was a website breakage, I'm going to use this Google Image article just about me, since my photos were indexed first (this being a website with my name all over it). I will add many other images as I get the website back in order.

Brian Jaeger

Brian Jaeger and Lisa Jaeger Wedding