Covers for Chromebooks

Because I have been doing a lot of research about Chromebooks and their covers over the past year, I am as much of an authority on it as anyone, so why not create a quick niche website that allows me to tell others what I have learned? That's why I create Sure, I love my Cranium by Educabana, but I can see that there's a demand for all kinds of Chromebook covers, Chromebook cases, and Chromebook protectors in the marketplace. In fact, I believe this is the one accessory you need for either cheap or expensive Chromebooks.

While the Cranium is the best protector, and a great white board as well, I know that consumers and school districts are searching for many options when it comes to their devices. While I personally think Chromebook insurance is kind of silly, I totally understand wanting to protect investments. That's why the blog will focus on ways to protect these useful laptops.

As far as setup of the website, it was about as simple as it gets, but I know I will get noticed because of the domain name and focused discussion. While I don't normally use Blogger to create a website, this one was a no-brainer. Instead of the usual hours it takes for me to create a cool website, I could be writing within minutes. I used Google Domains and then tied my new domain to my other Blogger subdomains, so I have just the one dashboard.

While I don't always recommend Blogger, it works for such a singular purpose. If you have one product or one area of expertise, there's no simpler way to get your ideas out there.

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