I just got an email today from someone who read my article about bigdealsbox on NewJaxWitty. Like me, she and her husband had found an item that was hard to locate online. Since he wanted the item, he was going to order, even after he acknowledged some red flags on the website. Luckily, she found my article just in time. The sad part is that bigdealsbox was still there when he was trying to find the item he wanted. This is a major scam, and nothing has been done about shutting the website down in the week since I posted my article. And that was written two weeks after some folks on Reddit already identified this as a scam.

I think the authorities may not realize that website scams need to be addressed immediately. An online entity like this needs to be shut down as soon as any complaints are confirmed. I am not law enforcement or a good hacker, so I can't shut the website down, but every second it's running, there are people showing up on the site hoping to order something that's either cheaper than Walmart's current price or no longer in stock. The website seems to be nothing more than a complete copy of Walmart's site from several years ago, which means people looking to order something they got a few years back will find it and get scammed.

Unfortunately, for every reader who contacts me to say my article saved them from a fraudulent online scheme, there will be dozens or hundreds of people who use gift cards or Bitcoin to pay for items they will never receive. Basically, if you live in America, never buy anything with a gift card that isn't the store you're shopping. Never pay off the IRS with a Target gift card or bail your grandson out of jail with a Walmart gift card. Never buy items online from a retailer that says you can use some other retailer's gift card. And really, as Americans, we probably should avoid Bitcoin as a currency. Invest in it if you want. Believe in it if you like. But use your good old American credit card for purchases. At least there's some protection then. Just not on bigdealsbox.com or whatever site the scammers set up next.

If you know of one of these sites, contact me AND the FBI. I work faster.

I also found that Bigdealsmall.com is the same format. This one even has the Walmart copyright at the bottom of the page. Same Bitcoin and gift card fraud, too.