We've spent about one year in Johnson County, Kansas, and it's a goal of ours to experience as much as we can in the last month we'll be here. One opportunity we had was to participate in the Old Shawnee Days Parade with our son's Cub Scout Pack. The word on the street is that each community in Johnson County kind of takes its own niche as far as parades go, so this was not a Memorial Day or Independence Day parade. While we did not attend Old Shawnee Days itself, and we're still a bit unclear if there was supposed to be a theme of 1800s Kansas or something, but it was a fairly substantial parade that I am sure was a good time for those along the route.

Our group walked opposite the parade so that we could pass out American flags to the crowd and then end up at the beginning. We kind of half missed the entertainment, but we were able to see some of it as opposed to those who were participants in the parade itself. Here are some photos from the event, most of which focus on the Cub Scouts and Hope Lutheran Church of Shawnee.