carpool with brian jaeger

As I was giving up on trying to make a difference in our world by using vegetable oil as an alternative fuel, I settled for the cheapest car in America (Chevy Cobalt), but I also wanted to make an effort to help save the world without having to pay an extra $10,000 to own a hybrid vehicle. That’s when I joined the rideshare program.

What an exciting day! I was able to add my work schedule and commute locations. Then I could search others making similar commutes also one the system. Milwaukee/Tosa to Menomonee Falls. Daily. In by 7am out by 4pm. I made it 5pm to attract more people. Pretty sweet, y’all, cruisin the diamond lane. Meeting pretty ladies. Discussing saving the earth together. Here's the webpage.

But when I checked for matches, there weren’t any. I expanded the search. I think I found someone in New Berlin commuting twice a week to the Falls. I expanded the times. Nope. So, my profile was created around the spring of 2010, but I just didn’t get any bites. I kind of forgot about it by fall of 2010. Etc., etc.

Fast-forward to spring of 2015. I’ve since been laid off from work in the Falls, and I can’t say I visit. Ever. But I just got my first contact email from the rideshare program from ________________, who said,



My name is _______________ and I am interested in carpooling.


I commute from Milwaukee to Woodland Prime, Menomonee Falls.


Please reply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call me at (414) ___-____.


Now, there we go. Proof Rideshare Wisconsin is working! In a mere five years, I was able to meet someone with similar interests in commuting. Well before I was retired or dead. Maybe I’ll join the bipartisan bandwagon and just blame Jim Doyle for the whole thing, but it’s probably all of our faults. I mean, no one was signed up on the stupid site. Now, poor ____________________ has to contact a half-dozen people, most of whom no longer work where they did or remember how to login to the rideshare site.


I didn’t want to leave _________________ hanging, so I sent her a message:


Hello _____________,


I want to commend you on your decision to try to carpool. The only problem

is that I had signed up for the rideshare website several years ago, have

since lost my job in Menomonee Falls, and had completely forgotten that I

was even signed up for the site because you're the first person to contact



I wish you the best of luck trying to find someone with whom to carpool. I

decided to try it after I gave up on running my car on vegetable oil

instead of Diesel.


Since I no longer work in the Falls, I am a freelancer. I will be writing

about my years of waiting for a rideshare response on my Satisfamily site.

And if you or anyone you know is in need of website building or hosting,

feel free to contact me again.




No. Thanks, Jim Doyle!