In my previous article on ear piercing, I expressed my apprehension at having my seven-year-old's delicate lobes punched through. I promised you a follow-up of the actual procedure, so here goes:


We had decided on getting medical plastic earrings for Helena, pierced at a local pediatrician's office. My sister came along too to be part of this rite of passage. The doctor used Blomdahl brand medical plastic earrings: Helena selected pink crystal daisies (set in medical plastic) for her dainty lobes. The nurse applied numbing cream about 20 minutes before the piercing, which gave me a long time to entertain Helena and her younger brother in the examining room, but I'm glad now that she had the numbing done, because even with it, when the piercing was over and the doctor had left the room, she promptly burst into tears and said her ears hurt.

She had put on a brave, calm face during the procedure. The doctor drew an "x" on each lobe and let me approve where she was going to put the holes (so I could make sure they were even). The doctor was great about answering my questions and she advised waiting 8 weeks to remove the earrings, washing them with soap and water twice a day (excepting the day of the piercing) (we've been using Q-tips to wash and rinse and Kleenex to dry - a different one for each ear), NO twisting the earrings, and no shower for at least 24 hours after the piercing.

I thought some great touches were that the doctor was wearing ladybug slippers! and she gave each of the kids a popsicle after the piercing (for Helena to hold on her ears, for James for being well behaved). Helena was still upset as we left, but after we'd met up with her dad at Applebee's and she got to cuddle with daddy, the tears abated and she was happy once again. The next day at school, one of her buddies arrived with her ears pierced (done at the mall apparently) and with the same earrings! I thought Helena would have felt like her thunder had been stolen, but instead she thought it was awesome! Way to have a positive attitude!

So far, it's been about two weeks since the piercing and no infections! Helena is happy about her earrings (though not so happy about having to have me clean them). She's excited to order medical plastic earrings with thinner posts to use after the 8-week mark - has them or you can order from Blomdahl via

We survived this milestone - must say, though, I'm glad I don't have a string of daughters to go through this with!