I had some issues with the bottle, as documented below, but I do have the typical Never-Wet video that you've seen before. The goal was to save money by being able to waterproof existing items or make new items last longer, so I'm thinking the $2.00 pair of gloves in the video will benefit from water slipping away. It probably won't get Lisa to help shovel, though.


Unfortunately, I can't write a review on a product if the bottle did not work. I could take it back to the store, but I thought I'd try a letter first:

A few weeks ago, I spent way more money than I thought I should in order to try to save some of our outdoor clothing from being destroyed or becoming unusable because of wet weather. I'd seen videos demonstrating NeverWet, and I was excited to try it on some items. Unfortunately, the spray bottle does not work. I paid more than a dollar an ounce for this, and the spray bottle is defective?

As an unemployed teacher, I wanted to save money when I bought your product. I wanted to make one of those home movies of my stuff letting water run off of it and share with my friends. I wanted to feel like someone was looking out for my needs at this difficult time. Instead, I get a product stuck in the bottle . I may or may not have a receipt somewhere, but it's really silly that need to deal with that right now. I hope I want to buy your products in the future.
brian. "

Letter got me a rep who asked for a photo of the item or something. I think the company was going to do the right thing and replace my item, but I'd already dumped the contents into an extra spray bottle, so no biggie. Anyhow, I sprayed my winter boots, but we didn't suddenly get an inch of snow right away. I've also been a bit gun-shy about what else to spray. It's an expensive and small bottle of liquid slippery, but my shoes are already a year old, and most of my jackets can get a little wet. Do you spray an old patio umbrella or a $5 US flag? I guess I'll keep looking for the right items and then post the post-winter final review.

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