The girls played hard and learned a lot. I tried to include photos of the entire team in this album, even though my focus was often on Helena. This year, I filmed about half the games for educational use, so not as many photos to choose from as I could have had, but still some decent pictures. Gallery located here if you want to print a photo for the refrigerator. This is a Google Photos album. If you want an efficient website for your business, church, or school, let me know.


As far as a the photo quality, I experimented a lot with settings and even a flash. Even lenses. Since I've never shot indoor sports before, it was a learning process. All photos are with a Canon 60D. And I use the zoom lenses for convenience, so light is my biggest challenge. Since Helena is interested in both basketball and photography (like me), the games can provide both of us with hobbies that we can discuss.



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