At the LCMS National Convention today, I met some people in need of new websites, but the one that struck me the most was a man who said, "I didn't know you existed." I suppose I could take that the wrong way, or think that my marketing has been lacking, but the fact is that I am a talented web designer who has made it his goal to reach out to Lutheran churches in order to create affordable, easy-to-use, and beautiful websites.

Sure, your church probably has a member who is adept at building websites, either using a free online system, a more intricate CMS, or even using code by hand. However, that person does not really want to be solely responsible for the website, even if it might appear that way. The stories I heard were all fairly similar: we had one person working on it, but it was too much or no one else knew how to help. When it's too much, the volunteer stops doing as much. When it's too hard for others to help, then very little gets done.

I know, churches can't spend a lot on a quality web presence, so some of them will go with free online templates (often paying a lot for hosting and other services). Others use Facebook, including an individual I met from Liberia, who uses Facebook as the COUNTRY'S official Lutheran website. When he explained the exchange rate as being about 90 to 1, I told him that I could cut him a deal if I at least get a few others signed up at the convention. And that's the way I want to do things. I want to help, and I can help, but I need to be seen as one of the few official website designers for Lutheran churches in order to accomplish that task, meaning I have to have enough volume in order to make up for what I could charge in other industries. For example, I am working on another website right now that will make me four times what I normally charge a Lutheran church. If I don't have enough Lutherans looking for my web design services, then I have to build websites for others.

However, I'd rather help churches and ministries than stock brokers and stores. Many of those other web developers will take on a church or even cater to a church, but they have strategies to make money for years in added services. My hope is just to help the next church. Since I can work faster than most website designers, I really just need the clients. If you've gotten to this page because you are looking for a fellow Lutheran who can help your church or ministry, then contact me. Visit to see my designs and blogs about web design for churches, church schools, and other non-profits associated with LCMS, WELS, ELCA, and other Lutheran church organizations, maybe even in Liberia.

Oh, and if you're not Lutheran, I also have Brave New Church Web Design.

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