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My intent was not to get a better price from Dish Network. My intent had always been to cancel, not because I was necessarily disappointed with service, but because I was unemployed. Not broke yet, but unemployed, and it seemed $70 a month was a lot to spend. That’s when the journey downward began. It just ended this month when I cancelled (mostly) for good, but I will take you through the process so that you can learn from my experiences and maybe save some money.

When I lost my job, I started cutting some spending. I obviously stopped the madness of buying items for my classroom (not every laid off teacher does this), but I also looked at what we had as bills and what we needed as services. I won’t get into all of the decisions, but one item I did not want to part with was my Dish. I’d been a customer over 10 years, and I enjoyed watching mostly movies in HD without having to wait for the internet to buffer because I buy the cheap internet (but that’s another article and political discussion).