I just read that 80% of local searches are happening on a mobile device. Even if this is off by 30%, that’s still half. Is your site mobile-friendly? Is it even mobile-viewable? Find out with this google tool. You can also just make your browser smaller. Check your site out. Just as importantly, check your competitors’ sites, too. Google prefers mobile-friendly. Mobile users prefer mobile-friendly.

If you have a simple 5-page website, Passive Ninja will make it prettier and mobile-friendly for around $500. We’re not talking about a full redesign and months of beta testing. You have a site you mostly like that just needs a little updating. No gimmicks. No one from India making the websites. No militant web designer taking ownership and leaving you without the ability to make changes. It’s easy to update and change. It’s yours. It’s mobile.

Passive Ninja Web Design. 414-587-6740

Pennies From Heaven AKA Welfare for Writers

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