So the rental idea never totally panned out. I think I made two small mistakes that led to me having to sell rather than rent to one of several doctors who came to see the house, but that's in the past. Renters are looking for services as much as a huge yard. Buyers, however, appreciate a home like ours.

543 N. 93rd will be listed for sale. If you are a friend of ours, you might have seen our place before. If you just kind of know us from the neighborhood or from our kids' school, you might not have been inside the house, but YOUR kids might have said something positive about the place, and that's because it's an awesome house. This includes location, updates, yard, and efficient use of a lot of space.

If you let our realtor know you know us, we don't pay him as much, which means we choose you over others who will be trying to buy the place. I like the system. I know my agent will want to sell to someone he finds, but I also know that a lot of people might overlook the house--just not anyone who have ever been inside or seen the flowers blooming all year or wanted to live 10 minutes to downtown or less than a mile from State Fair or the zoo.

I'm stuck in total suburbia right now. It's nice. I'm fine with it. But we had more yard and more house on 93rd Street in Milwaukee. If you're thinking about moving at all, this house is one to see. Quickly. Call Troy at (414) 688-3678 and tell him you want to see this place.

Just over $200,000. See the photos below and take a tour if you're still not impressed. Read the article I wrote about renting it here. (Yes, I will still rent it to the right tenant at this point, but it's just more likely I sell it). The article just says more about the house.

[update] 1st showing is on the first Sunday the house is listed. Don't wait around to find out if we get an offer. Drive by and see the hibiscus in bloom and imagine living in my favorite neighborhood in Wisconsin. Again, make sure you tell the realtor you know us so we can negotiate with a more favorable number in mind.