I never use my cell phone. I don't have apps or anything important on it. The phone can record lousy video, take lousy pictures, and play lousy-sounding music, so I don't use it for any of those tasks. However, I do have one, and I did turn it on while driving home one day after work, and it did fall out into the rain and sit in a puddle for another three days before I found it. So, can a phone that was left on in and left outside for several days in wet weather be saved?

Probably not. Mud actually worked its way into the screen, and the little time rectangle dealy on the outside of the flip phone  was about half full of water. Even Lisa's super-healthy brown rice will have its work cut out for it. 

I tried to follow the general directions. I took the battery out and got the phone into a bag of rice. Overnight didn't even dry all the water out, so I left it in longer. 

After several days, I have a working phone, sort of. It can dial home if I use the voice commands. It can also receive calls if I see it light up. However, I have no screen, so I can't choose any options. Needless to say, it's pretty useless, even though it can still do one of the two things I ever really used it for. Not being able to really know when someone's calling me (for the ten times that happens in a year) pretty much wrecks the phone for me, so I guess I'll have to get a new phone or cancel the service. 

Overall, I'd have to say the rice did a nice job of drying the phone out. I think my phone just sat outside in the rain too many days for the method to work a miracle.