I tried advertising one of my books today on an author website. Here's my profile on that page. I just decided to check to see if the Leaves of Paper book by Brian Jaeger was available elsewhere, and then I got these odd results:

Page 1 of Google -- mostly Amazon pages, but one result at grabebook.org... wondering if what they offer is legal. Then there's Amazon Italy and Germany. That's cool.

Page 2 -- Amazon Japan (hoping I'm as big as LM Montgomery over there), some unrelated stuff, and then my resignation letter to The Milwaukee Journal hosted on Angelfire. Weird.

Page 3 -- nothing related or interesting

Page 4 -- A guy named Brian Jaeger ran the Buckshot 2-mile run in Eau Claire. It's interesting because I was once in Eau Claire as a student, but this guy is several years younger than me. He finished in 89th place, which is not bad when you consider they got 450 people to race. However, I just thought there were some interesting notes, namely that ages are all over the place. For example, Mason Smith is 10, then the guy right before Brian is 64, and after several more pre-teens, there's Nicole Jaeger at age 20. If she's his daughter, he was very young. If not, he may be very lucky, but that wasn't my point. It was that if they are related, and they finished one minute apart, that seems kind of raw. Then again, I'm not a runner, so it could be that they were out to beat themselves, but it just seems like you'd want to cross with your daughter or cousin or whatever, or else beat her and the 64 year-old by more than a minute. Like the Forster family in the list.

84, Mason Smith M 10 Altoona WI 16:50. 85, Thomas Bohlinger M 57 Lake Elmo MN 16:51. 86, Thomas Mertens M 54 Eau Claire WI 16:55. 87, Jacob Wrich M 36 Oakdale MN 16:59. 88, Larry Myhre M 64 Augusta WI 17:01. 89, Brian Jaeger M 32 Eau Claire WI 17:02. 90, Brittany Martin F 20 Chippewa Falls WI 17:06. 91, Leah Saeger F 10 Eau Claire WI 17:08. 92, Sophia Forster F 11 Chippewa Falls WI 17:12. 93, Jeremy Forster M 40 Chippewa Falls WI 17:13. 94, Cynthia Korbol F 58 Altoona WI 17:26. 95, Daniel Lynch M 48 Eau Claire WI 17:28. 96, Michael Bilbrey M 67 Stevens Point WI 17:31. 97, Julie Smith F 37 Altoona WI 17:44. 98, Owen Gunderson M 6 Eau Claire WI 17:46. 99, Joe Ziemer M 33 Eau Claire WI 17:51. 100, Lori Whitis F 52 Eau Claire WI 18:04. 101, Nicole Jaeger F 20 Eau Claire WI 18:05.

I honestly do not have anything more to add. I think that's kind of how we end up feeling after we search for ourselves online, like it's just a confusing mix of strange information that doesn't mean much. Or it means everything (at least to people who don't know you).